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Hire Elite Forex Traders Here! (Our A.I. Trading Machine and A.I. Cybernetics Guarantee Profit!)
Intelvestor specializes in A.I. and Cybernetics for covert trading, investing, hedging, and swap exchange rate conversions

Excalibur A.I. is a Forex money market fund App for digital dynamic volatility data mining & harvesting
Success is a sure-thing with these eyes. That's the power of Cybernetics and our Excalibur A.I. Virtual Trading Assistant!

You Can Learn Our Sure-Thing Forex Trading System To Trade For Yourself
Or Simply Hire One Of Our Elite Traders To Trade For You. You Choose . . .

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Why You Should Hire Our Special Operations Team Of Elite Forex Traders

We guarantee a significant profit and also secure your
starting capital against loss with our own money.


Please allow us to share with you a very unique state of the art approach solution for trading Forex markets . . .
It's called Excalibur A.I.
Excalibur A.I. is virtual trading assistant; it is a sophisticated combination of robotics, automation and A.I. machine learning meshed with the human trader elements of experience, creativity and resilience. All of these components work together inter-connected by the Excalibur A.I. cybernetics interface and trained elite traders.

We call the trading that we do 'special operations' trading for a reason. That reason being that we get the job done, and we're not just talk and full of hot air, promising you impossible returns like so many others; These are the highest reasonable returns the best systems around will generate without having to expose your capital to significant risk. If you are satisfied with our bench mark track record below, take the next step and get started with doing your due diligence process to verify our claims. Try us for free on your own demo or real account for a month and you'll be absolutely sold!

Annualized Historic Monthly Performance For Our Benchmark Account.

Jan Feb March April May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
25% 19% 31% 24% 29% 33% 27% 26% 22% 15% TBA TBA


Charges and Fees.
There is never an out of pocket setup fee or cost, only a percentage share of your monthly profit. You'll get to keep up to 85% of your profits. This is significantly better than the industry standard of 75%.
Join our special operations team . . .
Are you interested in training to become one of our elite traders for hire? Perhaps you only want to learn how to trade for yourself using our special technology. We can help. For more information visit our Trading School at





Who Qualifies For This Investment Opportunity?
You must have over 200K to invest in the markets. This money will remain with you under your complete control and possession.
We've of course already mentioned that we back our traders and protect you by securing your starting capital with our own money.
Other Products We Offer:
Exchange Rate Cost Averaging - Get better than the going market exchange rate using our ongoing continuing process of averaging up or down any initial exchange rate you got, even long after you've already converted all your capital over using that rate. Imagine been able to save 10 to 100pips on a million dollars conversion! This Exchange Rate Cost averaging process will continue forever until you are ready to withdraw your exchanged capital from your account. The longer you wait, the better the averaged exchange rate!.
Exchange Rate Protection Assurance - Instead of Forwards and Options contracts, this is our alternative exchange rate protection solution. It's not insurance, but it's actually better because it also unintentionally generates a substantial excess of capital gains as a bi-product.


Interested in a partnership or acquiring our company and technology?

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(For WhatsApp, MagicJack, Or Text Use: 1-239-231-2066)