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Excalibur A.I. (Virtual Cyborg Trading Cybernetics) - Franchise AI & API App Leasing
Featuring a DOTFLIP Cybernetics Platform for Digital Dynamic Volatility Profit Extraction Swap Trading

Excalibur A.I is a forex money market fund App for digital dynamic volatility data mining & harvesting
Be unstoppable! That's the power of the Excalibur A.I virtual Cyborg trading eyes. Ask about leasing availability

Trade 24/7 free from the trading limitations of human emotion and requiring sleep or rest!

Welcome to Intelvestor's leasing page for the Excalibur A.I Virtual Cyborg Technology Interface ('The Eye')
'The Eye' is State of the Art Artificial Intelligence Cybernetics for the Clever Minded Intelligent Investor

This Franchise App Let's You Exploit The Power Of Forex Markets
Like How Liquidity Providers, Big Banks, And Elite Traders Do.

Introducing the Excalibur A.I. Money Market Fund APP and API
(for private large scale Forex operations and personal accounts over 200K)

Why you should lease this franchise APP/API for personal or private hedge fund use...

Use The App/API Platform To Operate Personal, Group, Or Private Forex Hedge Funds.
Earns 15% to 100% Returns With Nearly Zero Or Insignificant Risk To Trading Capital!

Why It's Currently The World's Greatest Investing Opportunity...

When you ask most people what the biggest, most profitable, market in the world is, the answer is usually always Forex. The Forex market is the world's largest financial market and the world's greatest investment instrument! This is absolutely true; however, the forex market is also one of the world's riskiest market, so up until now, it has only been this great opportunity for those equipped with the knowledge about how to trade it; the good news is that this is not the case anymore;  we're about to introduce the world's greatest investing App for taking advantage of this great Forex market!

What makes an investment instrument like Forex market the perfect investment? To answer this question, let's take a look at what it takes for an investment to be considered the world's greatest. We believe that the perfect investment instrument has to have the following five qualities:

  1. The investment must be safe and secure, meaning that there would be very low, if not zero risks of ever suffering a loss at the end of the investment period. In other words, your starting investment capital would be preserved and guaranteed.
  2. The control of the investment and your capital within the investment must be scam proof and shielded from swindlers, basically meaning that you alone would control your purse. In other words, you would be protected from accountants, power of attorneys, financial planners and other middlemen from being tempted to go rogue and steal from you.
  3. The investment instrument would produce a reasonably high equity level size returns of 15% to 100% or better.
  4. Overseeing the implementation and upkeep of the investment would not take up a lot of time.
  5. The investment instrument would have to be very liquid so that you could redeem your capital back quickly if it was required in an emergency.

Sure-thing Investing Is Not A Myth

All of these above qualities are the properties that the Forex market will have when we it's being traded using our proprietary Excalibur A.I. App and API. Sure-thing investing is not a myth; this is the power of the Excalibur A.I. virtual cybernetics all seeing trading eye.

What is the Excalibur A.I App?

Excalibur A.I. is the world's most powerful Forex investment App for investing in this world's greatest investment instrument. With this App, you will be able to consistently earn a minimum of 15% to 100% annual returns effortlessly through safe secure Forex money market type transactions and have the piece of mind security of knowing the App will guarantee the preservation of your starting capital by only doing this type of trading transactions. There's very little risk because your capital only gets exposed for profit extraction trading. The bulk of your capital never really gets exposed to higher traditional trading risk for very long periods.

Special Note:

The Excalibur A.I App was intended for use by individuals, organizations, and groups managing large scale forex trading accounts or operating a personal forex business venture or franchise operation. Excalibur A.I is the perfect App fit for running a private forex investment club, hedge fund, or foreign currency exchange solution for small businesses and corporations. Have you ever considered operating your own private forex franchise, forex hedge fund or forex money market solution company?

Since the Excalibur A.I App requires a lot of capital to work with,  it is most suited for large scale forex trading accounts with a minimum of at least 500K capital. If you're asking why so much capital is required, it's because the App isn't just simple software; its part of a very resource intensive infrastructure; a lot of stuff has to happen in the background behind the scene in order for the App to operate successfully.





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We're extremely confident in our platform and have set up free educational classes for those interested in learning more about it and trying it out for themselves as part of their due diligence process before leasing it. Call us now to sign up for your free classes.



FAQ - General Information
What is Excalibur A.I.?

Excalibur A.I. is an application that connects to a client’s Forex account and helps them unlock the full potential of the market’s volatility in order to achieve returns of 15% to 100%+ annually, without significant risk to their capital. You can read more about Excalibur A.I. here at

In a nut shell, Excalibur A.I approaches the Forex market as a factory production line operation which isn't the traditional trading investment approach. The big difference is that there isn't that gambling risk elements associated with the traditional trading approach (because success in the traditional approach generally involved choosing the correct market directions and trends). Since Excalibur A.I isn't really the traditional trading and investing approach but an operational process for cranking out profit from volatility, relying on forecasting and prediction for guessing market direction and trend isn't generally involved.

Using our minimum recommended capital in average market conditions, we expect our clients to generate between $4000 and $6000 per month after lease payment for the App. More is always possible – those numbers can be tripled or quadrupled, but we would rather you see this for firsthand than take our word for it. If you are interested, take the next step and contact us after you have read this page.

Who is Eligible?

The complexity of Excalibur A.I, the nature of our business model, and the amount of capital required mean that the App platform is best suited to firms looking to create a new operation, or to dedicated individuals that are serious about our approach to the forex market as a factory business model and production line operation for extracting profit from volatility.

We share success with our clients, so we want clients that will fully realize Excalibur’s potential. This year, we are accepting a small number of candidates who have:

1. A commitment to the optimal use of the App

2. Access to a minimum of 500,000 CAD trading capital

3. A Forex account with a broker, preferably one using the MT4 trading platform.

How Do I Become a Client?

Just as the legendary sword Excalibur could only be freed from the rock by the true king, we too are selective about who wields our software App. We want you to make an informed decision about using Excalibur A.I, and at the same time, we want to be sure that it makes sense to work with you. There are 3 phases to becoming a client:

Introductory Phase

In this phase we answer a candidate’s questions in a more detailed fashion than we have made available online. We also talk about what kind of return they could personally enjoy as a client, and decide if it makes sense to take them on for a trial period.

Trial Period

The trial period is a proof of concept for our potential clients that allows them to see our claims substantiated. The length of a trial is determined on a candidate by candidate basis, and can be conducted using a demo account or with real funds. In the case of the latter, we will guarantee your money against losses using our reserve fund.

Full Client Status

Once we have taken you on as a client, we can start talking about your longer term financial goals and how Excalibur A.I can help you reach them.

Who Has Control of My Trading Capital?

You do. Your trading capital remains in your control and possession at all times. Possession of your money is never given to us for control, management or trading. For best  results, the Excalibur A.I. App needs to be monitored for regularly for efficiency. Part of our process involves training yourself and/or an employee you designate to do this task. A trained technician is also assigned to your organization as part of the leasing package. You and you employee are ones operating the system, so you are in control.

What is Your Business Model?

There is no out of pocket cost to lease or setup Excalibur A.I. Your monthly lease payment is a portion of the profit you make in that month. This percentage is on a sliding scale ranging from 38% on 500K to as low as 15% with 2 million or above.


Losses over periods longer than a month are unlikely and will be reimbursed by our reserve fund should they occur.



Excalibur A.I. Cybernetics
Forex Money Market Fund App (Cloud AI & API)
Use It For Personal, Group Or Private Hedge Funds!

Excalibur A.I. Cybernetics

'The Eye'

*for Forex foreign currency swap extraction mining and harvesting operations


Virtual Cyborg Trading Eye
(App/API For Trading)